Rooftop Stupidity

We have a new level of stupidity here at Randolph Central School and I’ve debated writing about it because I want it to STOP, not to gain any traction. For some bizarre reason, we have students who have decided that climbing up on our rooftops seems like a good idea. I’m writing this in the hope that every parent and every adult in our community will stress to our young people how seriously idiotic and dangerous this adolescent prank can be–and will call the police if they see it when we’re not here to notice. I’m honestly terrified that one of our beloved students is going to be hurt. Not only are there hazards on the rooftops but there’s the obvious danger of someone falling off of the roof.

What are we doing about it? In addition to monitoring, which seems honestly ridiculous to me—do we now have to pay supervisors to watch the roof during events??—we are making it very clear to everyone that this is trespassing and we will involve law enforcement, pressing charges, in addition to serious school consequences. While I hate for our students to get into that kind of trouble, I dread the possibilities of someone getting seriously hurt much more.

When your child asks to come to an event at school, PLEASE stress that your expectation is that he actually be at the event. As parents we need you to check up on your kid, know where he is, who he’s with and what he’s doing–that’s your job as a parent. And by the way, if we call you to tell you that your child did something like this, it’s also your job to give serious consequences at home. We have to work together on these issues. Consider that when your son or daughter asks to come to an event at school and then walks or grabs a ride–YOU are the only person who knows that’s where she’s supposed to be going. Monitor your kid’s whereabouts. It’s not about trusting your kid, it’s about making sure he makes good decisions at an age where that’s often a struggle for many of our children.

Does it sound like I’m lecturing you? I am. I’m worried about this behavior and terrified the stupidity is going to lead to someone getting hurt. Please help us on this one. Thank you.

  1. I am agreeing with BB… amazes me how many parents drop off their child at football games. I remember a time when we didn’t have any ‘supervision’ at games- we didn’t need it- and now, I see, that many teachers and aides are now acting as ‘supervision’ or ‘event staff’. This is costly to our district, and those same parents will be complaining about tax increases and how we ‘waste money’. YOUR child is YOUR responsibility- what they do and how they act and even what happens TO them is your responsibility. We make our kids sit with us at the game, we have never allowed them to participate in the ‘games’ that go on behind the bleachers and now, their friends come and sit with us. That is the way it should be.

  2. It amazes me when I attend football games, how many parents just drop off their children and expect the adults at the games to be responsible for their children. Some parents are so irresponsible. I hope these children are caught and the parents also face some punishment.

  3. Blog needs a “Like” button. Even in Pre-K Kaylee’s teacher sometimes seems surprised when we take her (the teachers) side when Kaylee does something wrong. I think parents think “at school = schools problem” and then when the school intervenes they defend their little monster.

  4. Props to you for speaking up. As someone who deals with these issues on a daily basis, it is refreshing to see someone taking a stand. Hopefully this cuts down on the issues.

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