No Tax Increase for Fourth Straight Year

The RCS Board of Education and Administration began developing the budget for the 2012-13 school year in December 2011. As always, our goal was to develop a fiscally responsible budget that maintains our educational programs and at the same time reflects our responsibility to our taxpayers. Therefore, our RCS budget was prepared, using the Governor’s proposal, before the state budget was passed on March 31, 2012. Upon passing the state budget, some of our aid was restored. This amounted to an increase in aid to the district of $91,663.

We are confident that the budget we developed, prior to the restoration of the $91,663 in state aid, is a sound and responsible budget. Because of this we are instead using the $91,663 to reduce the tax levy, thus reducing the burden to the taxpayers.

We  present a budget of $18,470,469 which is an increase of $557,918 or 3.1%. Of this increase to the budget, 80% results from increases to payroll and mandatory NYS retirement contributions. Still, we have a local tax levy decrease of $91,633 or -1.9% (amount of money to be raised by taxpayers in the district). This is the fourth year in a row that there has been no increase to our taxpayers and the second year in a row for a decrease.

The election of two Board of Education members will also be on the ballot on Tuesday, May 15. Incumbents Janet Huntington and David Adams will be running for re-election, along with newcomers Daniel MacLaughlin and Thomas Deacon. Please join us for the public hearing of the budget on Tuesday, May 8 at 6:30 in the HS Auditorium. Immediately following the public hearing will be a “Meet the Candidates Night”. PTA Member Janell Sluga will organize the event and ask questions of the candidates. Please join us to hear what your BOE candidates think about the issues most affecting our District.

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