Dive Duck, Dive

In our elementary school this morning, our PK-6 students attended a kick-off play for our six weeks of PARP (Parents as Reading Partners). Our talented Maura Morgante, kindergarten teacher and playwright extraordinaire, directed the cast which included a diving duck, cow, dog, horse, rabbit, hen, goat, sheep, pig, and Farmer Brown. I’m the goose in these shenanigans. I had the pleasure of joining a fantastic group of teachers willing to stretch and play and perform for our students.

Why do they do it? Because our teachers will do virtually anything to engage and inspire and love our kids. It was hot and sweaty in those costumes and if any of them are like me, they felt kind of silly dressing in an animal costume and performing on stage in front of their colleagues. But seeing the faces of our littlest ones and knowing that now  every teacher will focus our students on READING for pleasure, that’s definitely worth it.

Each grade chose an animal for whom they’ll be reading over the next six weeks. So I’ll be pulling on the bright orange tights and donning my feathers to rally our Pre-K students, encouraging them to read the most minutes with their parents so we can show that mean Farmer Brown that we can win the contest.

I love our students and teachers and the enthusiasm in which they embrace each precious day with our children. I’m so lucky to be here, on this day and in this job. It was only 30 minutes of the day, for some of those teachers the only 30 minute break they’ll have today, but it makes a difference. And for those classes that headed off to iReady testing right after the play–yes, our number one goal is improving student achievement and learning–-our number one job is loving every kid we’ve got at RCS. Thanks for doing that every day.

  1. Very cute and you said it all— That is what we are looking for in ALL of our teachers. The ability to get to a child’s level and have fun doing it. Thanks to all that helped make this play another great learning experience for our kids!!!!! Great Job!!!

  2. I work for a great district- EVERYTHING IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT! (Something I am learning more and more of everyday) I had a great time working with fellow colleges this morning- even if it was a little silly and very hot in costume!
    It is easy to get lost in the grades, scores, numbers- whatever you choose to call them, and it is very nice to be able to stop and have some fun for the kids. Improving student achievement is essential and what better what to motivate students than teachers on stage acting ridiculous. Team work is what it is all about and PARP is a chance for students, teachers, and parents to work together at all grade levels to encourage students to READ, READ, READ! After all, practice makes perfect and the more we do the better we get!
    It is the laughs and the little jokes behind stage that make participating in an event like PARP worth it! Not only are we as teachers doing this for the students, we are also creating lasting friendships with other colleagues. It takes a certain comfort level with your coworkers to be able to dance around, sing, and act silly in a costume. I don’t think twice about missing my prep, or spending a half hour after school 3 days a week to practice, or reading my script at 10:00pm on a Saturday- because this school is worth it! Someday, when my own children are walking these halls I hope they are able to experience learning with passion, innovation, and leadership in this same kind of way!
    Being a teacher is stepping out of your comfort zone at times to do what is important for your students- and that is what we did today. AND- I know at that retirement dinner, when these photos resurface, I will remember at that very moment WHY I became a teacher in the first place- “to love every child!”

    GREAT JOB R.C.S! Let’s get that diving board for Duck- read, read, read!

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