Anti-Teacher/Administrator Sentiment

Here are some of the headlines in my Google Reader this morning.

From CNN:

  • Shots, clashes reported in Cairo
  • Pirates target the Maersk Alabama again
  • 7.2 earthquake hits off coast of Japan
  • Seven kids die in farmhouse fire
  • Outgunned rebels stand up to Gadhafi forces

And from the Buffalo News:

  • National Guard Unit leaving this morning for Iraq
  • Full courtroom for Hassan sentencing
  • How well did your school do in social studies?

Some of our politicians and the media have elevated education to the level of concern that we normally find in only the significant, tragic events in the headlines above. I can assure you that every single day at Randolph Central School, 1000+ students are learning and 200 adults are working within the system to transport, feed, and educate those 1000+ students safely. At the same time, we have significant oversight with four different auditing requirements and an involved Board of Education, a leadership team that takes accountability and excellence seriously and an entire institution dedicated to improving learning in every way possible.

We are accountable to our employees, our students, our parents, our BOE members and our taxpayers on a daily basis. We respond to every member of our school community in a timely and responsible manner. We have kept taxes at bay for three years in a row, with the fourth budget at a 0% increase to our taxpayers on deck.

We are not the enemy. We are dedicated to our children and our taxpayers. We are earning our wages. We are cognizant of the hardships of our community and also of the rich support and collaboration we enjoy from those who live here. We treasure that relationship and will do everything we can to honor it. We are not the enemy.

Don’t believe everything you hear or read. Come see for yourself.