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  1. That is great to hear for Jessie! I appreciate being able to bounce ideas off of him (and all the wonderful teachers there at Randolph). He does have some interesting things with all of his classes, even beyond Lego Robotics! Even his front door looks interesting with the window designs.
    One of the highlights for me this year was hearing how his high school students created math review games for Mrs. Gillen’s elementary class using Alice programming software. That was neat enough, letting high school kids design a math review game for elementary students, but he took it to the next level and took his students over to Mrs. Gillen’s elementary class to show her students how to play them!
    Mr. Perison wrote up a nice article for our ISS newsletter – yes Mr. Perison wrote it, not me (sorry about that Jessie). It is on page 4 if you follow the link below:
    Great to hear and thanks for sharing. Have a great end of the year everyone.

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