Plum Mustang to Randolph Cardinal

A fellow alum on Facebook passed along this YouTube video created by students at my alma mater, Plum Senior High School. I love the enthusiasm and excitement shown by these students. And come on, the Buffalo Sabres or the Pittsburgh Penguins? Black and Gold all the way!

I can’t help remembering what an amazing experience high school was for me. Look I know it’s not that for everyone, my kid brother included, but it was for me. School was a place where I started to figure out who I was and what I was good at–which was often to my own surprise.  Perhaps my experiences as a Plum Mustang influenced my later decision to go into education, who knows?What I do know is that I have a first hand picture in my head of an outstanding high school experience–one which afforded us with lots of different opportunities to succeed and to become involved. A place where I felt safe and where the adults cared about me. Frankly, a school where we learned what we needed to know and had a lot of fun at the same time.

I’m certain it shapes my thinking of what school looks like to this day. I’m grateful that I landed in a superintendency in a district like Plum, one that includes community support, extreme enthusiasm for our kids and all of their successes, and opportunities for our students. Now when are our Randolph students going to produce a YouTube video of their best from the Randolph Rumble? I’m laying down a challenge Cardinals. . . 😉

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  1. Hey – I learned to type in high school. That’s been useful. I would have liked it more if I hadn’t been smarter than the teachers! :^)

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