Comparing Attendance

Our attendance rate for the district is up, I would say considerably—96.14 in February of this year as compared to 92.76 last year and 92.93 the previous year. And 96.65 in January as compared to 95.13 last year and 93.95 in 2007-08.  95.38 in December as compared to 93.83 last year–you get the picture. That’s wonderful!

It’s not easy to increase this number. I know, as a principal I analyzed my attendance data, incorporated positive school-wide programs to increase it, believed the climate and our relationships with kids made a difference. Still I saw incremental improvement.

So what’s going on at Randolph? What’s different this year? What factor can we point to? We need to know so that we can make sure it continues and further support the change. Any ideas?

  1. Apparently you do not work outside the home. Business will run as usual on “Easter Monday”. I feel school is your child’s “job” and if he/she doesn’t attend school then we may be instilling in them that it is ok to miss work just because we may be a little tired. I will attend church on Easter Sunday, cook the traditional Easter dinner for my family. Although I would love to take a day off after a Holiday I know my “team” at work needs me. Our teachers will be there to teach our children and then have to re-teach the lesson for those who feel as you do. Should the children who are there, have to sit through the lesson twice because “we” are to busy to get them to school?????

  2. Mrs. Moritz,
    As far as attendance goes, is the district worried about attendance numbers the day after Easter? I personally am not sending my child to school that day. Our family is very busy on Easter and we do not get home until late Sunday night and I have talked to other parents who are not sending their child that day either.. What are your thoughts?
    Thank You,

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