During our superintendent’s conference days on September 1-3, teachers will have an opportunity to collaborate, plan together and learn. There is an open lab time planned when teachers will go into our labs and spend time planning for lessons with 21st century skills. They can get help on everything from Office 2007 to Data Mentor to updating their websites to setting up RSS feeds or Moodle, Ning and YouTube.

In an effort to share my own learning, I want to direct readers to some of the authors who influence my thinking on a daily basis as I read their posts through my own bloglines account, along with the Buffalo News, Post Journal, CNN and the NY Post.

Will Richardson always influences my thinking in a big way and is largely the reason I’m always thinking about the use of technology tools for changing student learning. He explains it best in his post “Willing to Be Disturbed” which you can read here.

I always enjoy thinking about what Seth Godin has to say, both in his books and on his blog. Read what he says about education in “Education at the crossroads”.

And then there’s David Warlick’s post, “Where Obama is Getting Education Wrong”. The last part of his post will keep me thinking long into the night. Warlick writes,

The bottom line, in my opinion, is that we are continuing down the same dumb path of thinking that we need high school and college graduates who know the answers to old questions.  This is wrong!

It’s new questions that will define our future.  Today, we need graduates who can invent answers to the “new questions.”