Day 7 – Friday in Florence, Italy

So Gowanda, are you missing us yet? We’ve been gone a full week and so tonight’s post will be filled with pictures of your kids. We thought that seeing a picture of your child would be the best post we could give you after one week away.

We had the best food of our trip today. Stopped for lunch outside of Florence and had pasta (of course, it’s served here as the first course like our dinner salads before a meal at home) followed by lasagna. Dinner was also good and the entire group enjoyed sightseeing in Florence.

It’s probably the worst we’ve seen for pickpockets. Two men walked along our group for a bit but in our vigilance, we noticed them and I took their picture! Even after that, they hung around and our guys totally took care of it. Watching them, standing as a perimeter around us, and making it clear that we are not an easy mark–that’s what our boys and male chaperones did to handle it. Hey, Frank Fonti and John Swanson can be very intimidating, you know.

On a personal note, I was glad Tallon didn’t have to hit anyone after giving me his money, watch and passport-he is very aware of everyone around us and pays attention to make sure no one is a problem. A couple of our other guys, (Corey, Josh and Dylan) have also been very observant.  I think a week without karate has made Tallon a little stir crazy and punchy. The Brocton chaperone who’s with us takes karate from my husband and Tallon grabbed her in a front choke once and a rear choke another time–just to keep her on her toes. Michelle did just fine but I’m afraid by Sunday he’ll have her sparring in Monte Carlo.

This is the time in a trip that gets a little bit weird. Part of me feels sad that it’s almost over and part can’t wait to see my husband and daughter; to talk to my mom and get back to work. Plan on your kids feeling the same way, but know that they return to you stronger and more capable than when they left you.

Enjoy all the pictures tonight!

Picture removed as requested by Gowanda Superintendent

  1. S.O.S. to Andrea….$$$ available on phone and debit cards…available immediately! Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  2. Hi,
    WOW-awesome read and pictures. Again, Kim, you know just what we need back home….thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t wait to hear about the rest of your adventures…esp. the Riveria.
    God Bless,
    P.S. Tell Drea that Lilly was VERY upset that I didn’t let her talk to her “Auntie Drea” when she called….sorry. Next time?
    P.P.S. Also, tell Drea to talk to Mike and we will even up with him later. Thanks again from Charlotte, NC!

  3. Count me in as appreciative of the extra time you take to keep us back home to date on your journey. I have been reading and showing off the pictures and stories every day. Not only do I looking forward to seeing Erin’s smiling face, but it’s also great to see our great students having the times of their lives.

    I don’t think Mrs. D has been getting my messages- something doesn’t seem to be working right. Tell her the next time she can’t get through to try the cell phone.

    Thanks again.

  4. I’m so glad that you are all having a wonderful time. I can’t wait to see you all again and hear all about it; I miss you terribly! Tell everyone that Hannah says hello and keep the pictures coming, I loving looking at them everyday =]

  5. Hi Kim,
    Thanks again for the great pictures! Frank and John intimidating? Never! This has been an interesting week on my own here in G-Town. Now I know what it is like when I leave Frank home alone! Continue to enjoy yourselves and stay safe.

    Missing all of you from G-Town,

  6. Dear Mrs Moritz,
    Thank you thank you so much for all the pics of the kids. It was so awesome to see all the kids. I miss Becca so very much and I to am happy yet sad the trip is almost over. I cant wait to see Becca and talk with her. Oh did I metion how very much i miss her lol. I believe this was a trip in a lifetime for her and i am so glad she got to expierence it with all you guys. Thanks to all for keepin a watchful eye on all and protectin the kids. I hope you guys are gettin tons of pics and i cant wait to see you all . Have fun please be safe and thanks from the bottom of my heart
    for this wonderful blog and all the work you have done to keep us all so well informed. Lots of love PEG

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