Day 4 – Venice, Italy

For many of our students the day started with a six o’clock walk to the beach with Mr. Schindler and Mr. Swanson where they went for a swim in the Adriatic Sea. Can you even imagine? We also wished a happy birthday to our beautiful seventeen year old Marya.

We then took a water taxi to Venice. I don’t know quite how to post about something that left me so speechless. I was overcome when I first saw this remarkable and seemingly unreal city. It honestly feels as if you’re in a movie of a far away location in both time and place. I found myself crying as I was struck by the fact that I was standing in Venice, Italy–this centuries old city. It is too much to put into words. I hope I’ll never forget that view as we approached the city or how I felt.

The gondola rides were absolutely unforgettable. I’m so glad that we elected to do this–for the rest of our lives we’ll be able to point to that in movies and photographs and say, “I did that once!” We did some shopping (too much for me) and walked the streets of Venice. Michelle (the group leader from Brocton) and I spent the afternoon free time sitting in the square enjoying the sunshine and people watching. A perfect day.

The kids will want me to mention that we saw some famous actor, who’s real name I can’t recall, but I know as Doogie Howser. They were very excited about seeing him here–geez, you’re in Venice for crying out loud, how can Doogie Howser be more exciting than that?

Thanks for all of the comments you’re leaving, Must admit that many make me choke up as I read them to your kids. I’m not sure that I haven’t missed something valuable by taking this opportunity to completely unplug, but figure this will serve as my journal in many ways. (Even though I’m not including all of my personal observations like the hours I spent in the night thinking about how to stop my roommate’s snoring!)

We’re midway through the trip and tomorrow we travel almost all day to Rome. We’ll stop in Assissi along the way. Ciao from all of us in Italia!

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  2. I can’t tell you how happy I am for our kids and reassured for their safety knowing you and Bill Schindler are “in charge.” The posts and pictures are tremendous. The comments received from parents are brimming with emotion and pride in their children. Please tell everyone hello for me and I look forward to more stories when everyone returns. Extend a special thanks to Bill for doing such a nice job.

  3. I think the person you were trying to name is Neal Patrick Harris as Doogie Howser. My spelling of his first name may be incorrect.

    I hope everyone is having a great and informative time!

    Former GCS computer tech

  4. hey Mrs Moritz i wanted to thank you for blogging and giving those who arnt their a chance to witness Chelsea boyfriedn and its been hard not tlking to her And would you pass on to Chelsea young her boyfriend says hi and loves her and to have some fun thank you.

  5. Ciao Bella Kim!

    I didn’t really start missing Marya badly until on her birthday. I was feeling so sorry for myself but very happy for her, just moping around. THEN, in the middle of JoAnn Fabric’s, my cell phone rang and it was Marya! She sounded like she was calling from the next aisle! She was thrilled with the gondola and the happy birthday serenade from the driver – the kisses on her hand from the driver and the “hot” restaurant waiter – oh she was in her glory – what a way to turn 17. She said that Venice was “stunning” and never saw anything like it. She said that Mt. Pilatus was absolutely breathtaking. Now on to Roma! Enjoy yourselves!

  6. Hi Kim:

    Your mom e-mailed me with your blog site and I had to check it out. Wow you are amazing in your spare time you should publish a book – you are a terrific writer.

    I am having dinner with your mom on Monday night so I can’t wait to catch up and here all about your new position as superintendent – congratulations by the way!

    Take are and have a great time!

    Love ya,

  7. Could you please tell chelsea that i got a hold of the calling card people and they said that she shouldn’t dial__1-800-706-1333__just dial_
    _1-716(# number she would like to call) And she has to call from a touch tone phone
    AND if calling from the hotel she has to let the front desk know shes using her phone card before making the call.
    hope this works
    thank you, tell her we love and miss her…
    mom, courtney, jordan, dad, and meg

  8. Kim: Venice has a way of doing that….making your eyes fill with tears. It is such a unique city!! Anna is now lucky enough to have been there twice! Doogie Howser??? What about the house of Casanova!! I hope the road trip goes well… Rome should be awesome…..a place I hope to visit some day. Our best to all….happy birthday to Marya and love to Anna…. Michele

  9. Happy Birthday Marya! What a way to spend your birthday. Try to top this one if you can! Kim, you talk about getting teary eyed, I’m wiping my eyes now! Katie called home today but no one was here, darn. But it was good to hear her voice on the machine. Tell her we love her! And that grandma and grandpa are so excited reading about the trip and looking at the pictures. I’m sure this time will go so fast for all of you. Please take a picture of the seniors on this trip for me. It would make a wonderful gift for Katie – oops – don’t tell her ; – ) Enjoy Rome and Vatican City and take lots of pictures. Love to everyone!

    The Kerker’s

  10. Thank you so much for blogging and the pictures are an extra treat. I can actually feel your excitement through your words. I am so glad you sat and relaxed this afternoon. Sounds like an awesome vacation.
    Love to you and Tallon

  11. Kim,
    You have such a gift with words…I feel like I’m right next to you cruisin’ on the gondolas. Thank you for taking the time out from YOUR vacation to keep those of us “back home” in touch. The pictures are esp. precious-WOW- to be able to see our kids in these places is amazing. Sending hugs and kisses…


    You go girl…that’s how I would be spending my free time too..with a little Vino sitting next to you people watching.

  12. Dear All,
    Thanks so much for the daily updates and pictures. In some ways it is almost like we are there with all our kids enjoying the world through your and their eyes what an awesome expierence. Thanks so much. I miss my girl so much and cant wait to hug her it seems like it has been forever since i have hugged her please give her a big hug and tell her how much i love her and to enjoy every minute but to come home soon. Safe and happy travels to you all and thanks so much for watchin over our kids love PEG

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