How’s “G-Town Super Speaks” Sound?

I don’t know who the presenters were at the workshop my superintendent attended today, but based on his recent comment to this blog, they did one heck of a job. Thank you!

And Scott, he’s planning on taking you up on your offer to help start his blog–maybe we’ll even get Mr. Rinaldi as a contributor to LeaderTalk.

I’m posting his comment here so that it doesn’t get lost on the blog.

  1. Charles Rinaldi:
    May 31st, 2007 @ 3:19 pm

I am the superintendent Kim Moritz “called out” for failing to blog. At this very moment I am in a room with two dozen other area supers learning about the ever-expanding potential for technology learning tools.

As I sat through the morning sessions I began to realize that I may be an impediment to progress. Due to my worries for student safety, I have refused to unblock and unfilter access to net resources. Due to my reticence, I have failed to invite comments and communicate our message and mission to a wider blog audience. Because I don’t know how to use a wiki, I have failed to promote the use in our high schools.

We have all heard the old saying; “lead, follow or get out of the way.” Well, it is time for me to do all three. I will lead where I am competent, follow when I need to learn and get out of the way when someone has a good idea. To all of those who wrote to support the notion of a super’s blog, please accept my note of thanks. Consider the “calling out” by Moritz effective. I will commit to initiating a blog as soon as next week.

Like Kim, Gowanda needs an advocate who can share the good news that is G-Town.

And to the NYS Regent who this morning denigrated low peforming schools on the local radio, I invite you to visit our schools and see for yourself that it is possible to be 91st and still do right by children. 

  1. I am so thrilled to read that your superintendent has agreed to start a blog, and even more appreciative of his candor in his statement about his realization during the workshop.

    I’m teaching a workshop for principals at the TASSP conference next week, and plan to use this as an example!

  2. Oh how I will miss G-Town and its constant change and progress. We know we are doing the right thing here when we are thinking of the students first. Kim, you speak about each of the students here at Gowanda as if they are your own. You make decisions that will further their development because you care about them. The job doesn’t come first, our kids do, and in the end, this will make the difference.

  3. Has the world spun from it’s axis? The new blog should be an interesting read, I’m looking forward to the insight.

  4. I’m impressed too. Extremely impressed. Mr. Rinaldi, kudos to you for your candor. It’s really neat to see a superintendent (and principal!) LIVE the concept of life-long learning and then model it to internal and external stakeholders.

    If Mr. Rinaldi signs up at

    I’ll set up the blog and get him going. We’ll make it a GREAT looking blog and he’ll have the summer to get comfy with the new tool…

    Holler if you want to chat about this:

  5. Working with a wide range of superintendents (and board members) around the US, this is a conversation that needs to be shared.

    I am humbled and excited by the evolution of this conversation: Kim’s early questions, Kim’s professional challenge to Mr. Rinaldi (and appropriate tone in doing so), and Mr. Rinaldi’s own learning experience and leadership-move into the realm of district story-telling (via transparent organizational blogging) over these past few days.

    Well done to you both!



    Ms. Moritz for informing, sharing, and becoming open in your blog.

    Mr. Rinaldi for having the “guts” to admit that leaders do not always have all the answers, and perhaps not even know the questions, BUT are willing to learn, grow, and develop.

    For what it is worth, I am impressed at the transparency of you both. Your students, parents, community, and readers are fortunate to have you. I look forward to the new blog.


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