Who Needed Me Anyway?

I woke up this morning sick, tried to get ready for work, and wound up staying home sleeping the day away. This happens to me rarely, maybe once or twice per year. I’m feeling better now and thought I’d log on to read all of my email from school for the day.

I┬árealize how terrific it is to have a great team in G-Town. I don’t feel worried that things went wrong without me there today because I have a team who I can count on. I know, unequivocably, that our main office and guidance staff would have handled anything that came along.

Without a doubt, our Dean of Students and Guidance Director will have handled any student, teacher or parent concerns. And our secretaries running the main office will have either answered questions and problem solved themselves or funneled anyone who needed anything to the right place.

It’s an effective and pleasant place to work where everyone has a stake in our success. Staying home today reminded me how much I count on all of you. Thank you for doing the job and much more, every single day in G-Town.

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