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Cripe. Miguel Guhlin tagged me in a meme. This one is “What are seven qualities we don’t know about you that help you be a leader?” This meme thing makes me crazy. I see the tag, I think “wow, isn’t that nice that he thought to tag ME?”, next I think, “cripe, what am I going to write?” Okay Miguel, here goes. And for any readers who know me personally, if I’m at all delusional here, call me out on it, would you please?

1. I’m a good sport. I’ll play along, like this meme, even if I’d rather not, even if I’m out of my comfort zone. I’ll try.

2. I’m not always the smartest person in the room. The person who thinks she’s the smartest person in the room is seldom a good leader.

3. I’m very curious. Because I know I’m not the smartest person in the room, I’m not afraid to ask you questions.

4. I need a lot of information. In the “True Colors” test, I’m extremely green. Once I know we’ve asked all of the questions, given careful consideration to an idea, I can accept “no” for an answer. But only after careful consideration, research, and proof. Consequently, if you want a “yes” from me, show me you’ve done your homework. Well.

5. Guts. I’m not lacking any.

6. Love. I’m not lacking any of that either. Especially for kids.

7. Some say “it’s good like this, why mess with it?” I say, “it’s good like this, how can we make it better?

And now my tags to seven other leaders, administrators, or directors, as Miguel suggested. These are seven of the twelve blog authors who I read each and every time they write.

1. Lisa R. at HR Thoughts

2. Chris Lehmann at Practical Theory

3. Christian Long at think:lab

4. Neil Rochelle at changing high schools

5. Pat Aroune at Educational Change

6. Rick Scheibner at RickScheibner.net

7. Doug Noon at Borderland

  1. Kim — I was just about to get some sleep, and then realized you slipped some homework in amongst my hopes for a calm night of slumber. Let’s see if I can knock this one out before exhaustion gets the best of me…
    Cheers, Christian

  2. Kim,
    I got plugged into your blog after posting on my own blog that I can’t find any administrators that are blogging. You were in a comment section from the Dan Meyer/Sarah Puglisi NCLB thing that is going on.

    I know you didn’t “tag” me (by the way how do you do that?) but I would love to answer your 7. And since you don’t really know me these will all be new to you:)

    1. Not afraid to try new things: Like you, I may not like it but I will try it.

    2. Sense of Humor: Can’t be a worthwile administrator without it.
    3. Listening: One of the most important skills a leader can have. And one that takes the most time to learn
    4. Whats best for kids? That is the filter.
    5. Not afraid of Conflict: See number 4 and still learning how to approach conflict
    6. Technology: Work smarter not harder
    7. Love of Data: What does it tell us, how can it make us better and how is it meaningful to teachers.

    I hope this is on the right track and I appreciate you letting me take part in this. Any help on the whole tagging thing would be great.

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  4. Thanks for the tag Kim…..I see you’re still advocating and modeling the read/write web. Change is happening at Iroquois High School for sure. While I’m not patient when I know something is right and needs to be done, I have to say it’s happening faster than I had imagined. You keep up the good work!
    …………..and stay warm!! What a weekend!

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