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I have been posting to this blog since July. In more than 100 blog posts, I have never stopped a comment from posting until now. I have a topic posted regarding a small group of students in our Physics class. I have allowed all but two comments. As students write comments, of which I am very appreciative, it is very clear about whom they are talking. I will neither now, nor ever, allow comments which specifically malign a student or teacher in our school or community. Those are private conversations I am happy to have, but I have maintained that my blog will not be used to call names or to demean anyone.

Students who comment appropriately will always be allowed, as they have been on the post “Cheating or Initiative?”

  1. As this post indicates, I will not allow comments that refer to a specific student or teacher in a negative way. Comments that have been left that don’t list a student’s name, but refer to the student as “the cheater” are NOT appropriate. You haven’t been “denied your opinion”, you haven’t owned your opinion, writing anonymously. Even if you did own your opinion, by posting publicly, it would still be unallowed on this blog to post an opinion that slams someone else. It’s not important that the name of the class be anonymous, it’s important that we speak to and about each other in the same way we would want others to treat us. When that doesn’t happen, it’s moderated, by me. That’s my responsibility on G-Town Talks. This isn’t a message board where anyone can anonymously post whatever they want about anyone. When everyone returns to school tomorrow, we’ll talk about it face to face, so that everyone gets a chance to be heard.

  2. Obviously students who are appropriatelty commenting will not be allowed to. I say this because I sent a perfectly anonymus post, and have been denied my opinion. I cannot believe that you would include what class this is regarding in this blog and would not post my comment

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