Retirement Ruminations

I’m thinking a lot about retirement lately, despite the fact that I’ve got another 13 years to go until I’m eligible. Why? My mom is retiring in 59 days and like me, her work identity is center to who she is as a person. I’m the daughter of a working mom. This simple fact has certainly shaped […]

Life Happens Despite Our Plans

So I’m hanging out at Childrens’ Hospital in Buffalo these days and even here I’m learning something that affects how I view G-Town.  On Tuesday night, our 14 year old son was sparring and took a thrust kick to precisely the right spot to lacerate his spleen. For any parents who have experienced the agonizing […]

Fact vs. Fiction

Please check out this post at The Pulse by Pete Reilly–The Facts About Online Sex Abuse and Schools. Mr. Reilly effectively dispells the hype in the media and effectively shows the truth about online abuse. Unfortunately, there are too many people in leadership positions both in schools and in government that hear the very few […]

Who’s to blame at McKinney North?

As a high school principal, I read with interest the reports coming out of McKinney North High School in Texas about five teenage girls on the cheerleading squad and their bad behavior in and out of school. If interested, please read the full report. This poll on AOL was what amazed me, not the story. […]

Educating Trumps Blocking

We’ve been blocking Google from our school computers because of the image search portion of the engine. This has made teachers insane because they can’t search for anything without being screen-doored. One of our elementary teachers couldn’t even search for a picture of a dove to supplement a reading activity today. Our students don’t even […]

It Never Hurts to Ask

Our district technology committee met today after school to talk about how to spend the rest of this year’s money and to work on next year’s plan. In the course of the discussion, I was able to advocate for additional computer lab space. Our teacher on the committee, Sharon H., helped support the request. Currently […]

Tags, memes, what?

Apparently, I have been “tagged” by Will Richardson and Chris Lehmann to answer a question posed for bloggers. I saw this once before when I was tagged for a “book meme” to which I didn’t respond. But I really respect Will and Chris and figure I ought to play along. Hmmm. This is new jargon for me. I learned the […]