Fact vs. Fiction

Please check out this post at The Pulse by Pete Reilly–The Facts About Online Sex Abuse and Schools. Mr. Reilly effectively dispells the hype in the media and effectively shows the truth about online abuse. Unfortunately, there are too many people in leadership positions both in schools and in government that hear the very few cases of abuse and make decisions based on those stories sensationalized in the media.

That’s why Mr. Reilly’s story hits home. Please read it. It’s relevant to the discussion taking place in G-Town right now and strongly supports our case going before the School Board this Wednesday night. Again, Chris Lehmann’s words echo in my head,

 “The fear of what could go wrong can’t stop me from doing what’s right.”

Chris–that may seriously be the quote of the century for me. I’m living by it. Thank you.


  2. I don’t know exactly what is considered online sex abuse, but, aside from going out to meet someone they meet online, its hard for me to visualize what could happen to kids online that would be all that traumatic. In other words, what is the nature of what we are trying to protect them from. I think in the course of their everyday lives they will run across all sorts of stuff we and they will find offensive. Shouldn’t our job be to let them know that stuff is out there, and to just deal with it and move on? It only becomes traumatic when we go to great lengths to protect them from it.

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