It Never Hurts to Ask

Our district technology committee met today after school to talk about how to spend the rest of this year’s money and to work on next year’s plan. In the course of the discussion, I was able to advocate for additional computer lab space. Our teacher on the committee, Sharon H., helped support the request.

Currently in our 9-12 building, we have one MacLab and one lab on a cart that few seem to like. As much as I’ve encouraged our teachers to move forward with technology, I also know that they jockey for this one lab and struggle with issues including speed and screen doors.  Ideally, we would add an additional lab for teachers to use with their classes and one that’s open all day for students to use from study halls. We managed to formulate a plan to add significant numbers of computers to our library, where we have plenty of space and a need to more toward Library 2.0. Our technology coordinator, Doug Pine, just makes it happen.

In the future, I’d love to create an additional lab in what’s currently our Senior Lounge. Love the idea of an area for our Seniors only as we’ve created it, but have to admit I’d trade it in a heartbeat for an additional computer lab. There was excellent support from the committee, including our superintendent.

What if I’d just assumed it was asking too much? Once again, my belief that it never hurts to ask is confirmed.  It’s my job to listen to the teachers and students in our building and then evaluate how we can make it better.  I’m glad that our superintendent and the committee listened to a  reasonable argument for an expenditure that can significantly impact student learning.

It’s certainly prudent to never accept what “is” without questioning “but how can it be better?” Good thing that’s my strong suit.

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