Who’s blog is it, anyway?

I had an interesting request this week. What do you think of guest authors on G-Town talks? I have colleagues who aren’t willing to start a blog because they don’t think they have enough to say. But they do think they have enough to say in a post or two.

I think they can bring something valuable to G-Town talks because I’m the only person who currently generates the topic of each post. I’m learning from all that I’m reading on bloglines and from the readers who post here, but I think we might be able to take it a step further if we allow others to generate the topics too.

This is something I’ve seen done in a couple of places and I generally don’t like it as well as when I clearly know who’s authoring the entire blog. I wonder about continuity of themes and ideas–generally, readers know what to expect when they come to G-Town talks. If they like it, they return and if not, they turn elsewhere. Still, it seems like a way to bring more to the conversation.

As you can see, I’m undecided on this one. Keep it just me or invite others to generate posts too?

  1. Interesting question!
    I agree with David that it is your voice and the use of G-Town that keeps me coming back. But I wonder if you might pick one day – say the first Monday of the month – in which those of your colleagues who have stopped you in the hall to comment on your posts or who aren’t feeling that they have enough to create their own blogs for the moment (as Bud suggests)can be your “guest.” I think that it is the power of writing something and getting the feedback that gets us hooked. Might be interesting to see other G-Town perspectives and could start others on their way to blogging!

  2. This is one thing that’s so great about you, Kim — a pragmatic lack of turfiness and generosity in your leadership. To use the cliche — you’re a rising tide that raises all boats.

    There are two characteristics of this blog, though, that keep me coming back here and reading:

    1. Kim’s voice and honesty and courage
    2. That it’s all about G-Town as a specific case study — and this generates universal insights about public ed., leadership, and school reform

    Would you lose these two pieces, or dillute them, if you added more authors?

  3. In an ideal world, I’d suggest that you have them write on their own blogs and then you link to them here. That’d accomplish a couple of things, but mostly it’d help your guest authors to have a space of their own for when they realize that they do have something regular to say.

    WE don’t live in an ideal world, of course, so I’d say do anything that helps you to share the collective wisdom of your circle of associates!

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