Small change

So what can I tell you, I like change. I’ve been resisting the urge to change my blog presentation, figuring readers were used to the daisy look. But, hey, I’m a girl who changes the furniture at least once per week at home and a couple of times per year in my office at school. This is a way to change without using any muscle. What do you think? I’m at a conference all day tomorrow, following up on “High School’s New Face” from last July where I learned about all of this blog business from Will, I’ll have to ask there if it’s proper blog etiquette to mix it up from time to time.

  1. Kim – Change it up all you want… You make it work no matter which way the text is displayed!! 🙂 Your blog is so interesting to read, as funny as it sounds I can hear you reading it word for word. Keep going on that awesome blogging that you do!

  2. Kim – I was very glad that you were a part of the discussion today at Silver Creek. I share in many of your thoughts. Regarding the mixing it up? I would say go for it! I look forward to reading your future blogs and will stay in touch.

  3. This is my first effort at engaging with ANYONE on a blog – ever. As a fellow principal, I have to say that I am duly impressed with your initial blogging efforts.

    As educational administrators, we need to be unafraid to take risks and to pull out all the stops as far as communicating with our students, staff, and community members. You are certainly at the forefront with this medium in our WNY area. For that I want to commend you and your tendency to take risks.

    As far as mixing it up, as you say, I think it is appropriate and relevant to do so. Our faculty and parents and students probably would most likely want to see this happen. Our conversations need to be focused at times, for example in the case of a crisis situation such as our recent October surprise. Many other times I can see using the blog as a sounding board for our thoughts, possibilities, and vague issues in need of a sharpened focus.

    Keep blogging, and I believe you will ultimately drag the rest of us along with you!

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