Hooked on learning

I think this blogging gig is actually leading to meaningful conversations about education. Face to face conversations. I’m running into teachers and students in the hallway who have read a blog post and then want to talk about it. This is much different than the casual, “how’s it going?” conversations that normally take place. They are a meaningful dialogue where both professionals and students are reading, reflecting, and responding.

Blogging may just lead to a professional learning community where we talk more about our ideas on education than the lack of toner in the printers. Even on a bad day at work, when I’m inundated with tasks that seem mundane or meaningless, I feel energized by what I read. I’m reminded, every day, of what’s important in education. 

I’m encouraged and uplifted by the meaningful conversations taking place in the hallways, on-line on blogs, through email, and in my community. I truly hope that this continues to grow, that we’ll really think about what’s important in G-town and more important, that we’ll talk about it. All the petty little things that people find to complain about may actually give way to a much higher ground. I’m seeing it and I’m believing it. I’m also energized by it and will be a better principal because of everything that my readers and other bloggers teach me. Yeah, I’m totally hooked.


  1. I also am excited about the potential of blogging for students, teachers, and principals. As an elementary school principal, I have just ventured into this new world. I am constantly looking for topics of interest about which I can write. I have run into two challenges: 1. finding useful topics to write about and 2. convincing people (especially parents) to visit and read my blog. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. Kim!
    I’m hooked too – and it has re-energized me!! I realized recently that one of the reasons I left my classroom was the lack of a professional learning community (I think I mentioned that already somewhere…)

    I have since been lucky enough to be involved in a face-to-face professional learning community through CSETL (Center for the Study of Expertise in Teaching and Learning) which unites teachers, administrators, professional developers, etc. in a working community that is the vision of Giselle Martin-Kniep. While this work has filled in the gap – I miss those who come from and work in the same region.

    Blogging has helped me with that. After High School’s New Face – I desperately wanted to return to the classroom where I thought I could make a bigger impact. Lots of reasons why I can’t do that right now – but I am hoping to have some influence through the use of blogging and other Web 2.0 tools. That daily interaction with others who have the same passion as you – that’s what keeps me coming back and perfecting my craft.

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