And still I wonder.

Why is it that some teachers wonder and worry about their students, thinking about what they can do to help them succeed while others just wish they had different students who would do whatever they say?

Why is it that some parents listen to their children complain about the school and tell them to deal with it while other parents agree with the kids and tell┬áthem it’s the school’s fault?

Why is it that some principals look at a school and wonder how they can make things better for everyone while others try not to change a thing to make it better for themselves?

Why is it that some of our kids couldn’t care less about drugs and alcohol while others couldn’t care less about school?

I wonder why personal responsibility to make something happen is so much harder than pointing at everyone else. I wonder why that makes people feel better at all.

  1. The best place to be is in between each of the choices you offered. Good intentions and a willingness to step up, tempered by reality.

    That’s the quality that I found in the posts in this blog. I am impressed, and have linked here.

  2. It is funny how some of us go through life never having a sense of personal responsibility. I believe that the reason I was chosen for my job, was because in my interview I answered, “I don’t know”. I was asked to solve a problem in a lesson that I was presenting, that I hadn’t been prepared to answer. I started demonstrating how to solve the problem and found myself going in circles. I stopped and said, “I’m sorry, I’m really not sure where to go from here.” It was an interview, I was nervous, caught off guard, but I was given the job because I was honest and able to admitt when I had made a mistake and needed help.

    I think that is what makes my students comfortable asking questions. They’ve seen me make a mistake or two, and in my room they know it is ok to make mistakes.

  3. There are as many answers to those questions as stars in the sky. But just the fact that you ask them speaks volumes. Keep caring – about the teachers, the parents, your own job, and especially about the kids. Then at least you won’t be doubting yourself, and that’s really the only person that you have to answer to… well…. besides God, but that’s a whole different blog.

  4. Great questions. If you ever find a real answer, please let me know! I work with teachers that bully kids but demand respect. Is that irony or a double standard???

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