Girl Interrupted

Our students, staff, and faculty have started the 2006-2007 school year with a smooth opening, a positive climate and a lot of hope for everything from our academic achievement to our undefeated football team (so what if it’s only been one game).

I’m back to my school year life of constant interruptions. Actually my workday is one long series of interruptions with the ability to complete a project coming at about 3:30 after most are long gone. I guess I just realize that’s the nature of my job and that working with people is the reason I’m in it. It’s also the reason that my outside of school life is devoid of as much social interaction as I can arrange. As someone who talks to people all day, every day, I kind of like my evenings or weekends at home, alone with my family. Yep, I’m the girl who says “look, we’re WORK friends, I don’t want to see you outside of school.” It’s not that I don’t enjoy the people at G-Town, it’s just that I need to refuel from time to time.


  1. Do you ever get the things done that you want to get done? I find that so elusive. I spend so much time with interruptions and urgencies that I wonder if I get the things done that I really want to do in being a better principal.

  2. Hello Kimberly
    When you write that you don’t want to see “work friends… outside of school”, doesn’t this mean that your conscience isn’t clean….? Do you feel obligated to anyone?
    Me, for example, I have just one good work-friend whom I meet on week-ends. We have become very good friends. As for the rest 40+- librarians, in my library, I have a few very good friends among them, but seeing them every day, 5 days a week, is enough..
    It depends how close you feel with them. Maybe,since you are the principal, you stand in a different position. Don’t you?
    Anyway, good luck with the new school year.
    Ilana, your new Israeli friend.

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