Any principal’s kids out there?

So my son enters ninth grade this year, in my building. Hmmm. Any ideas on what we can do to make this work? We have a great relationship and I’d pretty much like that to continue.

In the scope of what my some of my students have to deal with, being the principal’s kid hardly compares. I’m just not sure it’ll always feel that way to the one who lives in my house.

Has anyone experienced this, either as the kid or as the parent? Any advice?

  1. I am a principal’s kid and I do have a comment. While, being the “principal’s kid” does have its downfalls, it also has an amazing upside, especially if your parent is an AWESOME principal (like mine is). Being a principal’s kid doesn’t necessarily have to be what you are it can simply add to who you are. I found it to be an inspiration to see my mom in action everyday. I now am going to school for education and as everyone keeps reminding me, I am “following in my mom’s foot steps”. I must say though these are mighty big foot steps to follow and I am so glad to have such a positive role model. My mom came to my school in my sr. year and my only regret is that I didn’t have a longer time to benefit from the great changes and programs she instituted there.
    I love you mom!

  2. What a great comment by Doug Noon, I’m still laughing. Yes, Doug, I have a daughter in college and she took that same approach for the nine months that I was her principal in her senior year. Somehow though, I don’t think it will be quite the same with my son. . .

  3. I was (briefly) the boyfriend of the principal’s daughter. She was a nice girl. I was aware of her need to remain a nice girl. It didn’t get any more complicated than that. Some situations are obviously too complex to mess with.

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