I’m really tired of managing spam!

Someone please tell me what I can do about spam! I tried the auto-close plug-in, better yet one of our terrific tech support people tried to set it up for me, and it didn’t work. I’m realizing that as school starts, I’m going to be more irritated by the spam that I have to manage on this blog. Is there anything I can do to stop this?

  1. Graham gave me some very useful advice about getting rid of spam which I took advantage of and somehow deleted his excellent comment in my furious deletion of comments. Sorry Graham and thank you for commenting again!

  2. Was my original comment useful? I was just curious because it’s been deleted – I hope I wasn’t mistaken myself for spam. Doug Noon who’s commented on your most recent post can vouch that I am indeed a real person. I was just passing some information on as a fellow edublogs user.

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